Caroline Muthoka: She survived 1998 bombing, now has a song about it

She was one of the victims of the U.S. Embassy bombing that affected hundreds of Kenyans on August 7, 1998 in Nairobi and up to now, though she lives in the United States, she still remembers the day vividly, many years later.

Gospel artist Caroline Muthoka is one of those who were lucky to survive the explosion, and last week, her commemorative song was launched and she is confident that her message will reach many of those affected by the tragedy, many of whom, including her have not been compensated so far, even though victims from other countries have already received compensation.

The song 'Poleni' (translated to english as “sorry” ), which she sang with Tanzanian artist Rose Muhando was launched last week in Nairobi in absentia, as she lives in the United States. The song is expected to be received well primarily by those affected in one way or another and who are still remembering the day.

Caroline says she sang the song with a lot of grief and hopes that the affected will be remembered and supported. "I am sad that although there are some of us with the ability to support ourselves, they are completely helpless, they deserve to be helped," said the artist as she recalled the events of that day. On the fateful day, Caroline was at the co-operative building, adjacent to the U.S. embassy when the explosion went off. With a seven month pregnancy, doctors were afraid that her baby would not be safe because of the injuries she sustained to her belly. "But I thank God, apart from my injuries, I was happy to deliver my child safely and named him Lucky.” said the Kenyan-born artist who is now an American citizen.

Some of the lyrics to her song 'Poleni' go: “Pole pole Mungu awape nguvu tena, Pole bado kuna tumaini tena, Ingawa mengi mmeyapitia, Tena magumu kusimulia.

“Lakini bado kuna tumaini tenaaa, Vita magonjwa mmepitia, Wengine kutengwa na kutelekezwa, Bado kuna tumaini tena, Mungu mbinguni ameskia kilio chenu ameskia, Nasema mtakumbukwa tena.

“Wengine kwenu vita haviishi, Magonjwa mengi hayaishi, Lakini bado kuna tumaini tena, Tarehe saba mwezi wa nane tisini na nane, Wengine wetu tuliumia kwa bomu, Wengine wetu waliaga, Mungu tuhurumie Mungu.

“Wengine tulipigwa na mabomu, Mifupa yetu nayo ikaumizwa, Lakini kuna tumaini tena, tukakosa wa kutuhurumia, Tukakosa wakutusaidia, lakini bado kuna tumaini tena, Mungu mbinguni naye aliskia, Machozi yetu akatufutia, “ These are some of the lyrics in the song.

here's "Poleni" featuring Rose Muhando.